Collection of watercolor paintings, colored pencil renderings, and ink illustrations

Creating is my passion! My greatest love is design - the conceptualization, the fleshing out of ideas, the trial and error and the realization of the final piece. I look challenges directly in the eye and never fear the blank white page! I continually push myself to create images and items that stir deep emotion and connection. Vivid colors permeate my life and work, yet I embrace the softness of gentle hues. Travelling, reading and listening to music expands my already expansive imagination as I bring those experiences back into my work.

Designing artwork for the public that represents a company, a product, or enhances editorial is exciting. If you have a private client that is interested in custom artwork for an event, like a wedding or child’s party, or if you want to collaborate on a series of paper goods and stationery to sell commercially, I have the experience to work near or far (across the pond) to make it happen. I love producing artwork that helps express a message through watercolor paintings, colored pencil renderings, and ink illustrations. Please contact me for commercial inquiries, projects, and licensing opportunities.

Whether it is a wedding or a children's birthday party, a stationery's sense of luxury, sophistication and personality can be enhanced by simply incorporating custom artwork. You may want to include an image of the venue, a unique monogram, or even an element from the theme of your event. Your party will be THE party to attend. 

If you are interested in having an original image created in ink, colored pencil, or watercolor, please send a message along with some general information about your wishes. A photograph is always helpful too. Custom work prices varie based on detail and medium (ink, watercolor, or both) and will be quoted once all the details are discussed. To view all images in a category, simply click the picture.