A little peek inside the sketchbook and mind of artist, Kristie Vargo

Behind the scenes

I was not planning on moving studio spaces. Everything had is perfect corner. Then my daughter decided that she wanted to swap rooms with me. Oddly, she preferred my smaller studio to her larger bedroom. It was hers for 14 years! It was a tremendous amount of packing and painting and purging and then reorganizing but I couldn't be any happier! Every time I walk in there, I am inspired to create more and more. Take a look inside...

Because of the larger space, I was able to move some very special items into my studio:
- The piece that my printers sit on and in was once a stereo cabinet my dad built for me according to my specs. I painted it linen white and now it matches all the trim.

- My desk was once my work table and is from the mid 1800's. Solidly built without any hardware, just pegs. Moving it is a chore because it doesn't easily fit through modern doorways, however, working on it makes me feel very connected to old craftsmanship.

- The chest where my leather scarp bin sits was also built by my dad and was once my toy chest. The lid is insanely heavy! I remember holding it open with my head as a child and always being afraid it would slam down on my fingers. Now it's my hope chest and is filled with mementos from throughout my life.  

- A very special item that finally made into my space is the guest chair. It was my grandfather's who passed away at the age of 96. He was a huge supporter of mine and always had great advice for me about my ideas and business. Now I feel like he's in there with me all the time, guiding me. 

There are more interesting items all over my space! If you ask, I'll tell you all about them.