A little peek inside the sketchbook and mind of artist, Kristie Vargo

My sister is a writer...

...and a procrastinator! I literally had to force her to come into my studio to pick out what she wanted for her birthday....which was in JANUARY! Honestly, I would have picked the same thing out for her on my own but it was fun to see her get excited about what the final piece would include.  

In the end she settled on the medium raw edge refillable journal. I made sure she had all the bells and whistles including a hand embroidered word on the cover. She decided on "écrire" which is French for "write" because that's what she does and it seems more mysterious. This is also the first book I have made using the newest leather addition to my shop from Horween!  

This is a great gift for someone who journals or travels because the inserts can be replaced as they are filled, but the cover lasts and just keeps getting better with age. This new size will be up in the shop in the next week. Don't procrastinate! Christmas is less that four months away....

(cute cardinal is not included with the purchase....)