A little peek inside the sketchbook and mind of artist, Kristie Vargo

The alter ego

I used to dream about naming my daughter, the one I hoped to have one day, Margaux. Then I got married and that suddenly became so very wrong! My daughter is named Reese.

The name never lost it's grip on me and recently I sensed that I needed to create an alter ego and call her Margaux! She is french, of course, and is living life joyfully as only a woman in Paris can. I began to imagine all the places she would go around the city, the things she would do and see. Everything has to capture "La joie de vivre,"  like the title of the book that appears with her in every image. 

A long list is waiting to be brought to life! Two are completed and two more are in various stages. All kinds of plans are swirling in my mind of what she will be printed on and how you can interact with her. Calendar? Journal? Notes? Keep an eye out for her next big adventure...

*Kristie is available for freelance design opportunities around the world. She's just a click away!*