A little peek inside the sketchbook and mind of artist, Kristie Vargo

Bonjour, Margaux!

Margaux! It's a fabulous name, n'est pas? I have loved it forever and when I had the inspiration to illustrate her, I knew it was perfect. Margaux was born out of a passion for Paris, a dream to live there since I was five,  and the joy of living life to its fullest. Here's the long and short of it. 

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Behind the scenes

I was not planning on moving studio spaces. Everything had is perfect corner. Then my daughter decided that she wanted to swap rooms with me. Oddly, she preferred my smaller studio to her larger bedroom. It was hers for 14 years! It was a tremendous amount of packing and painting and purging and then reorganizing but I couldn't be any happier! Every time I walk in there, I am inspired to create more and more. Take a look inside...

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I am truly blessed

I am truly blessed. For some it takes a lifetime, for others it may never happen, but for me it all came together so beautifully. I was one of the lucky ones that figured out my true calling in life relatively early. As a child, I slept with my crayons. I invented board games. I wrote fanciful stories. I drew colorful pictures. I painted with water on the sidewalks. I created wooden sculptures in my dad's workshop from scraps. I was a creator. I still am. 

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